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My name is Bryan, some people call me BLAM or B-Lam either way works for me, I'm 19 in college, preparing myself for what's ahead of me in life.

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best friends turned to bestfriend lovers, and all because of a couple of jerseys…
a little over 2 years ago, a freshman girl met a sophomore boy. they said their hellos but paid no attention to one another. the girl was interested in someone else, and the guy had a girlfriend. however, they broke up soon after.  they went on with their lives for a good two months until being club officers brought them together, but only as friends.
they did all the things friends would normally do and their friendship continued to grow until they were close enough to call one another their best friend. they always got the “you guys would be so cute together”, “are you sure you guys are just friends?”, and the “why don’t you two just go out already?!”. no matter the accusation, they would always deny it, that is up until april fool’s day 2010. they decided to pretend to go out for the day and the whole school was in shock. as they walked in to the quad hand in hand, the whole quad grew silent as people stared. little did they know it was a joke. the feeling of his hand in hers was comforting and it simply felt right. but the girl ignored the feeling, thinking she had no chance with this handsome guy. she didn’t know this, but the guy felt the same way and little did she know when they were deciding how to “break up”, the guy said under his breath, “maybe we shouldn’t…”, but the girl didn’t hear him so they “brokeup” and continued on with their friendship
everything was smooth sailing up until that summer. you see, the girl had fallen into the hands of the wrong guy. and the guy best friend had seen enough. after her complaints one night, the guy had simply heard enough and said that maybe all she was looking for was right in front of her.  she was in complete and utter shock. wasn’t this what she had been hoping for all this time? she didn’t know how to react so she didn’t. the next day the guy took back what he said in fear of looking like a fool, and left the girl confused.  so they didn’t speak of it anymore as if it were taboo. it had just been a mutual understanding that they liked one another, but they both lived in fear that if they got together there friendship would be ruined. so they stayed friends and had an understanding that it was okay to be with other people.  
and so summer ended and school began. this is where you could say it gets interesting.  one day while the girl is walking to the english wing and the guy is walking out of the english wing, she notices that he’s wearing a cute old beanie, his football jersey, jeans, and brown vans. a sick feeling fills her stomach, something that seems a little like jealousy. he was so cute! she begins to wonder, “who in the world could be wearing his jersey for the game tonight?” she later finds that it’s a girl from his past. she doesn’t understand why she feels this way and she doesn’t know what to do.  she goes to his game that night and says the only reason she was there was because she “couldn’t get a ride home after practice.” it was all a lie.  her pride wouldn’t let herself admit that she was there for the sole purpose of seeing him. so she waited for him after the game outside the locker room, where this past girl and all his other friends gave him hugs. she stood quiet in the background, with the same feeling of jealousy and uneasiness of how to react.  later that night on the phone, she finally lets him know what’s been on her mind.  she admits to the feelings of jealousy and that she can’t handle seeing him have another girl. the guy explains that he was just trying to get his mind off of her. and from there, the talking stages begin.
you know those late nights? the butterflies in the stomach, cute voices, and squirming in bed? that’s how it was for a couple of weeks. they talked about anything and everything, just like how they did before as best friends. one night she asked him “why didn’t you ever ask me to wear your jersey?” and he replied “i didn’t think you were that kind of girl.” he was right, she wasn’t. but for some reason for him, she was. she wanted to be that girl publicly showing that she was his, supporting, and loving him no matter what the case may be. they were trying to decide what to do, and one day they had finally decided that they were willing to risk their friendship to be in a relationship. so the shy guy tried to make it official by walking up to the girl one day at lunch and telling her he had something to ask. she already knew what it was, but he had trouble putting it into words.  so i guess you could say he never officially asked her to be his girlfriend, but they decided finally decided to betogether. 
then, the honeymoon stage began. it was almost as if nothing could go wrong. that is, until feelings of unsureness filled the girl’s mind. you see she’s been played before and her insecurities got the best of her. she grew paranoid of the boy’s actions. wondering if he really meant all that he had been saying to her, or if they were simply words for him to get what he wanted.  did he really care about her? what if she was just another girl on his list? it shrouded her judgment so much so that it shook the foundation of their relationship. she thought of herself as crazy, but she simply couldn’t let those thoughts go. everyday was a constant battle with nights ending in tears.  this girl got lucky though. she found the right guy for her. no matter how tired the guy got, he never gave up on her. he stayed patiently by her side waiting until she was ready to accept that he was the real deal. he meant everything he said, he did indeed care about her and in fact, he loved her. the girl slowly grew to accept these things, and even though they may bicker and fight to this day. almost a year later and it’s all worth it because the love, laugh, and joy overwhelm the struggle. in simpler terms, they make each other better.  
moral of the story: if you like someone, don’t wait to tell them. you never know, they just might feel the same thing for you.
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If I had one wish…

I wish I could be knocking on the door of your dorm and surprise you on the morning of your birthday with a dozen (white) roses and a box of chocolates.

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During the first five months of last year, a  platoon of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan went on a shooting spree,  killing at least four unarmed civilians and mutilating several of the  corpses. The “kill team” – members of the 5th Stryker Brigade stationed  near Kandahar – took scores of photos chronicling their kills and their  time in Afghanistan. Even before the war crimes became public, the  Pentagon went to extraordinary measures to suppress the photos,  launching a massive effort to find every file and pull the pictures out  of circulation before they could touch off a scandal on the scale of Abu  Ghraib.
The images – more than 150 of which have been obtained by Rolling Stone – portray a front-line culture among U.S. troops in which killing  innocent civilians is seen as a cause for celebration. “Most people  within the unit disliked the Afghan people,” one of the soldiers told  Army investigators. “Everyone would say they’re savages.”
Many of the photos depict explicit images of violent deaths that have  yet to be identified by the Pentagon. Among the soldiers, the  collection was treated like a war memento. It was passed from man to man  on thumb drives and hard drives, the gruesome images of corpses and war  atrocities filed alongside clips of TV shows, UFC fights and films such  as Iron Man 2. One soldier kept a complete set, which he made available to anyone who asked.

my name is AJ.: Billboard Music Awards



so as some of ya’ll know, i’m part of a competition run by Billboard! they hand picked 3 artists from each region of the US to compete in a battle of the bands from the Uncharted list they recently just developed. Billboard is trying to help out undiscovered/indie artists get attention and i’m…

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